Green Gestures! Carbon Neutral Blogging!

Please Support Green Gestures! I do!

OK, I did this for my other blog and now want to do it here!

I received wonderful news from Diane Germann who is part of the Green Gestures team, the sister campaign to Make it Green.

Since I previously participated in the “German” program of how to make your blog Carbon Neutral, and because so many bloggers did participate – Make it Green was so successful in Germany that they were able to launch a new campaign in the United States!

She asked if I’d be willing to participate again?  I SAID OF COURSE!

It is still free and only takes a few minutes to do.  I hope that I might inspire others bloggers to get involved to make this campaign as successful as the previous one.

All you would need to do is write a short blog post about the Green Gesture campaign.  They plant another tree for your site, doubling the positive impact on the environment. 

Take a look at the new campaign here:


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