90 sets of identical twins?

Swedish twins

On October 7, 1977, ninety sets of Swedish identical twins disembarked from a cruise ship to go on a shopping trip in Felixstowe, England. The twins were taking part in studies by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm on the links between environment and behavior.

The twins are taking part in studies by researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

The scientists are investigating links between the environment and human behaviour.

But participants are viewing the excursion as a form of light relief. As one twin put it, they have come across “just for fun”.

As the twins disembarked from their ship, the Tor Scandinavia, each pair was confusingly dressed in matching outfits.

It is hoped the sets of siblings might find something different to wear when they spend their money in the local shops and boutiques.

‘Twins cruise’

The visit to Felixstowe is the brainchild of the ship’s captain, Sune Dahlström, also a twin.

He claims his inspiration to charter the ‘twins cruise’ came from an encounter a few years ago with two identical twin sisters riding identical twin horses.

“For me it’s very strange indeed to see so many people who are identical – although I’m used to it myself, it’s very strange you know,” he said.

Aged between 11 and 80 the sets of twins come from all parts of Sweden and most live apart from each other.

But today they are reunited, and looking to spend.

 SOURCE: http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/october/7/newsid_2518000/2518451.stm
The project was one of the largest of its kind. It was conducted through the Swedish Twin Register, which is one of the most comprehensive resources for clinical, epidemiological and genetic studies.Today over 70 thousand twin pairs born between 1886 and 1990 are on the register, from which over 370 papers have been published.
Monozygotic (identical) twins come from one fertilized egg (zygote) which divides and develops into more than one embryo
Because they are genetically identical, differences between them are typically the result of environmental or external influences
Twin studies are therefore very useful in determining whether a condition is genetic, environmental, or both

2 thoughts on “90 sets of identical twins?

  1. Ah twins!!!Ever the focus of research and if separated by adoption unhealthy curiosity and cruel attempts to view them as subjects not people who hurt and are damaged by being apart.


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