92 Children in China Rescued From Trafficking Ring

The Adoption Cartel is still busy, but glad to see arrests in this case!

News on Modern Day Slavery

A total of 92 children have been rescued from a child trafficking gang in China during a massive police sting operation.

Chinese state run television showed police in one of 11 locations entering a building where children and infants were being held.

The children and two women were recovered and are receiving treatment in child welfare centers.

Police said more than 300 people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

China’s draconian one-child per family policy has contributed to a rise in child trafficking. If families have a second, illegal child, they will be heavily fined or worse. Traffickers buy and sell the babies to couples who cannot have their own children. Boys are especially sought after.

Government officials have said people who buy or sell children would receive harsh punishments.

Source: The Epoch Times

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