Adoptee’s Voices: Adoption Backlash

..We just have to find the strength to keep raising our voices to be included in the debate about us. It’s a serious challenge, when adoptees are not allowed on the podium. Whether it is the unapologetic voice, the tempered voice, the angry voice, the rational voice, the hurt voice, the appealing voice, or the concurring voice, all us adoptee voices are necessary to show the world that the adoption industry voice and those that unquestionably support its endeavors do not/can not represent the full story…. – Posted by girl4708

Read the discussion here: The adoption backlash?

I’ve often thought that at some point the shock caused by those of us testifying about adoptee rights might wear off, and the backlash would begin. I see in a way the Washington Times story as that kind of reactionary response to the subject. More worrisome is the legal or other societal maneuvers that might take place as a reaction. Any ideas as to what those might be? Or how we might maintain in the face of such a backlash?

[Note: based on comments, have renamed the post]

The adoption backlash?



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