Anbody’s Child

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The Life Of Von

This photo so reminds me of adoption – all is serene on the surface and we are encouraged to ignore those flashing eyes, the feelings of menace, but above all what really lies below the surface ready to overwhelm, engulf or consume us if we are not careful. So many deny or are in ignorance of, or pretend to be in ignorance of what lies below the surface of adoption. It spoils the story, muddies the waters and won’t permit the pretence that adoption is all pretty, that love will conquer all and that all the answers will be given us. Adoption has an underbelly and like most underbellies it is huge, corrupt and enslaves the innocent, the gullible and the vulnerable.
I return again to Kate Adie’s book “Nobody’s Child”
The numbers of abandoned children in the world are quite shocking, as cited by Adie, who maintains the…

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