dumping adoptees

SEP 13, 2013
Damon Kaiser

This Facebook page, also found at the web site WIAA.org, is listing children available for what is now known as “second adoption”, by families who are no longer willing to care for them, aka, “Disruptors”. Whatever one’s opinion of such a practice—redolent as it is of the days of slavery, or the Orphan Trains, where children were listed by age, sex, race, and health—it should be agreed that the use of identifying information of such children is an obscene breach of ethics, especially in this day and age of “Stranger Danger”, child trafficking, and the like. Legally, personal information may be released to interested parties, but not to the public Internet.

But this is not new for this “agency”. As reported by Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR), this web site has been suspended from submitting new dossiers to China. Please take some time now to report this web site to the Utah Attorney General’s Office, and explain the reason as stipulated by federal law, here at HHS.gov. The name and address of the individual running these web sites—Damon Kaiser, of Ogden Utah—can be found at whois.org. Thank you in advance for your help; should you wish to communicate on Twitter, please be sure to use hashtag #Adoption911 —Daniel Ibn Zayd

LINK: http://www.facebook.com/


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