my life: no OBC


My fake birth certificate

Minnesota is a sealed record state and will not allow me to have my original birth certificate
Minnesota is a sealed record state and will not allow me to have my original birth certificate

One thought on “my life: no OBC

  1. I believe all adoptees have the right to know who their biological “parents” are if they so desire. I have two little boys adopted through our state. I fostered first and was told that once the adoption was final, I would receive any information they had about parents and medical history. I received nothing other then names. Even their birth certificates were listed as ‘baby boy”. I was told bits and pieces of their troubles; parents of alcohol/drug addicts, criminal record, schizophrenia but nothing on file, just hearsay. I worry a little less now as they are no longer babies and are growing into healthy young men but one day they will want/need to know more about their biological parents and I don’t have the answers. I have done searches on the internet but have little to go on. Also, I worry about if/when they do find them, what the outcome will be. I know many who did get answers and were hurt by their biological parents response and rejected by half siblings. Most were disappointed to find out how their parents lived; drugs, prostitution, jail. A young man I know, now a proud father today, told me he was devastated when his biological mother told him he was conceived with a john in the backseat of a car. So sad 😦 Though, I am sure there are many success stories. I just hope mine will be one of them. It is difficult for all involved. I was brought to your site after reading your post about adopted children being merchandise. I am so sorry that you feel that way. I hope my children never feel like they were purchased and it is the farthest from the truth. My husband and I could not conceive and both coming from large families though adoption was a great chose for us. I feel like the lucky mother in the world! I was childless but by the grace of God, he answered our prayers and sent us two little angels. I am so thankful that their parents chose life, and tell them that often, but for whatever reasons their parents were unable to provide for them but wanted them to have a better life. Adoption was the answer. That is the truth 🙂 My children of course look nothing alike nor look anything like my husband or I. We did not have a punch list of what we desired, eye, hair, skin color…. We just wanted to have a family to call our own 🙂 Yes, sometimes I look at those families at the table across from us, where you can tell who looks like who and I wonder what my “own” little one might have looked like but those instances are fleeting and I see my boys and thank GOD again for all that he has given me 🙂


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