Watching monsters


stay strongEverywhere in the world, everywhere, utter chaos is breaking out. It hurts so much to watch but we need to see this. We need to see the inhumanity and religious fervor and greed and cruelty and sexism and racism – as it exists right now. We can see how these institutions have grown up to be monsters (widely accepted) (too big to fail) (righteously right) – but they will fail and fall. We are reaching a pivotal time when the world needs to see these monsters for what they are, who they are and the death and damage they cause so many humans. There are more poor than rich and the poor are too broken to fight back against tyranny.

THINK BACK: Slavery was seen by many as good (made many rich for generations) then true human stories brought the inhumanity to light — then  slavery fell.

I have a very good friend who was attacked for her claim to Indian-ness, winning grants and awards. Because she is successful, another Indian chose to destroy her, libel her. This cruelty harmed and changed my friend. When this happens to good people you know, you hurt too.  Hate (a vicious form of jealousy) changes us.

Let the idiots be idiots. Let them think they are winning – let them think they are right! Give them plenty of rope and leeway to show us their true purpose and cruel mission.

It’s not easy to watch – you want to fight and fight back. Don’t. I repeat don’t. It’s a trap.

Now is the time to watch. Watch the fighting. Watch the mayhem. Watch the killing. Keep out of it. Be safe. Be sane. Be clear.

Right now, I am stepping back, watching monsters…..Trace


“What we think, we become” …Buddha



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