Nightlight Adoption Agency not trafficking in babies? embryoes?

PURE PROPAGANDA - take a look for yourself - they are the agency that brokered the sale of #BABY VERONICA...  Together for adoption?  (That's what they say)... Lara/Trace

From their website:

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a full service, Hague accredited child placement agency that provides Snowflakes embryo adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption and foster adoption services. We assist families in all 50 states, with offices in Southern California, Colorado, South Carolina and Kentucky.

More than 2,000 domestic adoptions, 1,700 international adoptions and 550 embryo adoptions have been completed by Nightlight.

Nightlight provides international adoption programs in Haiti, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Uganda, Panama and Nicaragua. Our domestic adoption program offers adoption counseling services to birth parents and adoptive families. For California, Colorado, South Carolina and Kentucky residents, we provide home study, post adoption and pre-adoption education services for all of our adoption services. Are you ready to get started? Nightlight is currently accepting applications for our domestic adoption program.


National Conference 2013

NatCon 2013 tagline

Early Bird Registration Banner 2013

*Read two brief articles on why this year’s conference is so very important: (1) “What Every Christian Ought to Know About Adoption” and (2) “How We Must Talk About Adoption

Six rich general sessionsSixty tool-gathering workshopsOne breathtaking Story.

I have long believed that the Bible’s Story of Adoption has the power to renew the Christian imagination and transform the way we live today, tomorrow, and the next day.

In 1968, film critic Barbara Hardy wrote, “We dream in narrative, day-dream in narrative, remember, anticipate, hope, despair, believe, doubt, plan, revise, criticize, construct, gossip, learn, hate and love by narrative.”

Mom and DaughterEvery human experience and emotion takes place within the context of story. If we see one of our children laughing and we ask, “Why are you laughing?”, she’ll likely giggle as she tells her story.

If our son is running around in excitement and we ask him, “Why are you so excited?”, he’ll likely tell us a story that’s intense and fast-paced.

Story is the stuff of life.

In his book Experiential Storytelling, Mark Miller writes, “Storytelling is powerful because it has the ability to touch human beings at the most personal level. While facts are viewed from the lens of a microscope, stories are viewed from the lens of the soul. Stories address us on every level. They speak to the mind, the body, the emotions, the spirit, and the will. In a story a person can identify with situations he or she has never been in. The individual’s imagination is unlocked to dream what was previously unimaginable.”

In Scripture, Adoption is a story-word. While in contemporary culture lowercase “adoption” refers to the practice of families adopting children, uppercase “Adoption” (as it’s used in Scripture) refers to God’s mission of Adoption within redemptive-history “to unite all things in [Jesus Christ], things in heaven and things on earth” (Ephesians 1:5, 10). The biblical Story of Redemption both begins (see Ephesians 1:5) and ends with this thing we call Adoption (see Romans 8:23) As we at Together for Adoption like to put it: “Adoption is God’s redemptive activity within the world to reconcilerestore, and renew all creation.” This is the Story that changes everything—for us and the fatherless.

This Story of Adoption is the true Story that God Himself tells. The plot of God’s Story drives the entire story of human history. It tells us that Jesus stepped into our messed up stories of estrangement and waywardness and has graciously rewritten them. The Story of Adoption is that Jesus has lived for us and in our place as the True Son in human flesh to recreate our stories and transform them into his Story. This is the Story that the Gospel tells us each day and the Story that we, in turn, are to tell ourselves, our children, and each other every day. It’s the Story that changes everything.

Live in it.

We invite you to join us October 4-5 in Louisville, KY at Southern Seminary for our 2013 national conference. This year’s conference will be the best one yet!

General Session Topics

  1. The Story Gone Wrong (Mike Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity)
  2. Stories of the Fatherless (Dr. Sharen Ford, Manager of Colorado State’s Permanency Services Unit)
  3. The Story Re-Written (Dan Cruver)
  4. Our Lives Re-Written (Mike Reeves)
  5. Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written (Vermon Pierre)
  6. When Everything Sad Comes Untrue (Scotty Smith)

8 Breakout Session Tracks

  1. Stories about Beginning the Adoption Journey (Pre­-Adoption)
  2. Stories from Experienced Adoptive Families (Post-Adoption)
  3. Stories from Experienced Adoptive Families with Special Needs
  4. Stories about Foster Care within Families
  5. Stories about the Orphan Crisis from Experienced Organizations
  6. Stories about Financing your Adoption Journey
  7. Stories about Developing Ministries for Adoption/Orphan Care Movement
  8. Stories about God’s Work through the Theology of Adoption

Download the PDF version of the Breakout Sessions listed according to their Story-Tracks.

See the conference schedule.



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Christian Alliance for Orphans


  1. They gave the mom $10,000+ for her baby. How is that not trafficking? Adoption prevents trafficking? How about adoption is the way to trafficking.


  2. You’re wrong about Nightlight’s involvement in this case. The adoptive couple used a private attorney for an independent adoption, so Nightlight couldn’t have been the agency, since there was no placing agency. Read the supreme court decision, you will see.


  3. Oh, right Nightlight is owned by the wife of attorney Raymond Godwin who was and is the attorney on many illegal, unethical adoptions. Nightlight’s involvement isn’t documented on their site….why that’s just a blog.


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