How to protect your sanity

The fall of reason:

How to protect your sanity in an insane world

(and achieve spiritual victory in the process)

 327by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of
I’m reaching out to you all with words of assurance as I write this story.
By now, I think we all are overwhelmingly convinced that we live in an insane world.
I call it the “post-reason era.”
It’s a world full of  irrational people, criminal corporations, deceptive government, the abandonment of law and even the “dogmatizing” of the sciences which once claimed to be based  on reason.
In popular culture, we’ve got the insanity of the Trayvon Martin drama in which the abandonment of law is now institutionalized in the justice  system itself, where prosecutors are allowed to commit crimes as part of a  “trial,” and state attorneys are encouraged to misapply the justice system so that it might be used as a political weapon.
In the realm of medicine,  we’ve got patients being routinely poisoned with deadly chemicals in cancer clinics, infants being injected with deadly methyl mercury via vaccines,  “preventive” double mastectomies being promoted as a women’s rights issue, and now the new “bioethics” idea that parents have the right to abort newborn babies up to the age of three.
The mind-warping linguistic engineers in the media have infected the population with wild delusions while the banksters get subsidized by the government to keep stealing — and losing — your money over and over again.
A toxic chemical variety of fluoride is dripped into the water  supply to keep people in a never-ending state of mental stupor, and television  is scripted to foment hatred, violence, division and paranoia so that the rise of the surveillance police state can continue relentlessly.
Terror events are plotted by the FBI, pedophiles run rampant throughout the culture and  television is now sexualizing children and depicting six-year-olds dressed as prostitutes as “normal.”
Meanwhile, anyone who cites American history — Thomas  Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Payne — is immediately branded a possible terrorist and then electronically stalked by the NSA which we now know is reading all our emails and listening to all our phone calls.
At every turn, our sanity is being sucker-punched by a culture gone mad. We are watching the downfall of  civilization right before our very eyes.,
So how do you stay sane as all  this madness is swirling around you?
I offer you this:

#1) Stop wasting time trying to awaken the zombies

First, realize that  you are not going to be able to stop the collapse. Human civilization today is much like a burned-out star that has just flamed out its last nuclear fuel. Now the implosion has begun, and the immutable forces of physics will collapse that star into itself. There’s nothing you can do to stop it except get out of the way. Our modern world is much like that. I’m convinced the implosion is now unstoppable. The mass poisoning of the people through vaccines,  fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, television and brainwashing media has left us a far worse state of widespread madness than the lead-poisoned Roman Empire experienced before its fall. If you have any ability to think with  clarity; to reason, to discern or to analyze, you are now a genius living among zombies. You are now among a tiny minority of those who still have their minds intact, and each of us is of course being targeted by the zombie masses who quite literally want to bash our brains in because we retain the much-hated ability to discern truth from lies. You are not going to be able to reach these zombie masses with reason. They are far gone. Their brains  have been turned to chemically-contaminated, media-warped neuro-mush. Some of  them can barely speak in intelligible words, and many can’t read. They are the illiterate, poisoned zombie masses, and it is now a waste of time to try to reach them. Instead of trying to reverse the implosion that’s coming, it is now far wiser to prepare yourself and your family to survive it. I believe the time has now passed when we might have reached a few more people and saved  them from the coming event I call Holocaust 2.0. Now, their fate is in their own hands. They are beyond our reach. We must focus on the survival of our families and children, for they represent the future of human civilization. By the way, I am not afraid of offending any zombies in writing this article, primarily  because the zombies can’t read. This alphabet-based text media is the secret way people like you and I can communicate, okay? Just don’t read it out loud, because the zombies can hear words just fine.

Now your purpose becomes clear

So take courage in the realization that  your calling is to be right here, right now, in the thick of the downfall of civilization we now see starting to unfold all around us. And it is your most  important mission to hold firm in your truth even when you might feel surrounded  by betrayal, insanity or collapse. Even the continued existence of your  physical body must be secondary to your commitment to the principles of true justice, awakening and the protection of life. Hold to those principles and  you win the simulation, no matter what happens inside the simulation.

When it’s all said and done — when you pass on — you will  look back at your life and laugh at how you and everyone else took it all so seriously when the answers are so very simple. “The game” isn’t about who dies with the most money, power or real estate. You win the game by honoring the principles that have been laid out for humans through every world religion in human history: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Respect life.  Defend life. Live with humility, avoid conflict when you can, yet unleash your inner warrior when necessary to defend the innocent. These are universal  principles of spiritual adulthood. Your achievement of them does not require recognition of those principles by any other person living in this simulation.

This is YOUR journey, and you alone are responsible for what you make of  it. I say, make it count.

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