a lonely soldier

By J. Glenn Evans

A soldier of low rank

Ponders the night

What should he do

Be like his comrades

His fellow citizens at home

Be promoted like those who go along


His eyes had rested upon messages

From higher powers over him

That disclosed crimes committed

Under our flag in our country’s name

That trashed our Constitution

Heinous crimes against other peoples


What could he do

How could he expose those crimes

He could not trust his senior officers

He could not trust the corporate media

He could not trust the corporate congress

He could be charged with violating national security


He could expect life imprisonment or death

If he exposed those crimes

What would we have done if we were Bradley Manning

If we were privy to such disclosures

Crimes our government hides from us

War crimes against other people

We go about our business

We vote for the same politicians

Who put this patriot in prison

Who trashed our Constitution

Who act like dukes earls and monarchs

When will we storm the Bastille

J. Glenn Evans: Former card-carrying Republican and stockbroker-investment banker. Part Cherokee and native of Oklahoma. Earned a BS in Business from East Central University (Ada, OK). Has lived in Seattle since 1960.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller starring Slim Pickens. Award-wining poet and founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a syndicated weekly radio show through Pacifica’s AudioPort.org. Author of four books of poetry: Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems, two novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, essay book, Uncommon Common Sense and several local community histories including Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Widely published in literary journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.


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