Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August ...
Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August 8, 2010, in Quantico, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Congress truly represented the American people, you would award Bradley Manning the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery against the enemy within.  He is a true American hero who risked his life and possible life imprisonment for making the American people aware of criminal acts and war crimes committed in their names.

Yet you have allowed the military that is subject to your control because it is you and you alone who appropriate the funds for their existence and continued operation, to demonize, torture and prosecute this young patriot who made the American people aware of crimes committed in their names.

There has been no outrage on your part for the crimes and criminal acts exposed by Bradley Manning.  Instead of investigating the crimes and prosecuting the criminals, you have allowed military and executive branch to make a scapegoat of this young patriot instead of going after the real criminals within our government and military.

Each of you has sworn an oath to defend our Constitution.  If you, who are supposed to represent the American people, allow the military and executive branch of this nation to execute or imprison this young patriot, then 10 million Americans should storm his place of imprisonment and demand his release and compensation for his unjust detention and torture.  We recall the rebuke made by Joseph Welch in the 1950s to Senator McCarthy: Have you no sense of decency, sir?”  We say: “Has the United States Government lost its humanity?”

Like Socrates who stood firm against a corrupt government, Bradley Manning’s name will live on long after you, holed up in your citadel of corrupted wealth, have all been forgotten.

J. Glenn Evans and Barbara Evans

Copyleft 2013 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)


J. Glenn Evans  Former card-carrying Republican and stockbroker-investment banker. Part Cherokee and native of Oklahoma. Earned a BS in Business from East Central University (Ada, OK). Has lived in Seattle since 1960. Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller starring Slim Pickens. Award-wining poet and founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a syndicated weekly radio show through Pacifica’s Author of four books of poetry: Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems, two novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, essay book, Uncommon Common Sense and several local community histories including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Widely published in literary journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.



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