War on Terror

From Stockholm to New Guinea, from London to Sydney you will find examples abound of the way in which young men have no means to achieve their potential, are not taught to think independently and know nothing of how to lead a productive, useful life. Many think being in an army is productive and useful or belonging to an extremist group at any point on a wide spectrum is life-fulfilling. Young men need danger, to test themselves, their courage and to come out as heroes. We don’t provide them with those opportunities early enough, wisely enough or skillfully enough to help them grow up to be reliable, compassionate, courageous men who know their strengths, their abilities and their allies.

…That’s what our media is like now – flooding junk into children’s heads – that your looks are all that matter, that sex is just something you trade, that you can’t be loved for yourself,” he says. “Girls are affected by that. Everyone has heard their daughter saying ‘I hate my body, ‘I hate my life’. “Girls weren’t born hating their own bodies. They weren’t born hating life. Something was happening in the culture that was poisoning girls’ spirits”.

via War on Terror.

This article has to be shared widely – modern society is destroying children with drugs and bad messages; in fact it’s killing their spirit… I have a granddaughter and I do not wish this to happen to her…Thanks to my friend Von for offering these truly valuable insights… Lara


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