Graveyard on a Golf Course

pilamaye to Dana for this

Just A Rez Chick


The rain fell softly and gently this past Sunday, almost as if someone were quietly weeping.  It was a sporadic sprinkle, as if someone was saying, don’t forget about us.    I went with my brother and sister in law to an honoring ceremony held on a golf course in the small town of Canton, South Dakota.

The southeastern corner of South Dakota had two honoring ceremonies, two memorials this past weekend.  I attended the second one but saw the first one on the news.

The first one was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at a beautiful park called Falls Park, where just a few months before a 28 year old Lakota man, Lyle Eagle Tail  and 16 year old  Madison Wallace, who never met each other, jumped in the foamy waters to save the life of the young 6 year old child who was the girl’s younger brother…

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