do you buy local? i do

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Vendors at the Greenfield Farmers’ Market — 2013 season: Greenfield Link: Buy Local


  • Clarkdale Fruit Farms, Inc. Apples, peaches, pears, plums and cider
  • Lyonsville Valley Farm Raspberries, strawberries, herbs, vegetables, starts, annuals, perennials, fresh and dried flower bouquets, eggs.
  • Carol’s Fresh Vegetables Select Perennials (Lupine, Delphinium, Columbine, Rosemary), onions, greens, select veggies, bedding plants, strawberries
  • River Bend Farm Produce and plants
  • P.K. Industries Perennials, annuals, veggies, small fruits, bedding plants, jams, jellies, flowers, maple syrup, maple sugar, apples, all berries, see large list from market manager
  • Shoestring Farm Bedding, herb, perennials, veg plants, maple syrup, fruits & veggies
  • Cape Cod Fish Share Fish CSA shares, sustainable local fish.
  • Greenfield Community Farm Organically grown but not certified, heirloom tomato plants and other nursery plants, salad mix, greens, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, peas, other heirloom & unique veg & herbs, dried chiles, dried heirloom tomatoes, wheatgrass
  • Balky Farm Wool, fleece, rovings, wool blankets, sheepskins, yarn, pickles, barbeque sauce, quilted table runners
  • Beaumont’s Berries Homemade preserves/jams and jarred pickles, relish, picallilli. Baked goods that use fruit or jam.
  • Bostrom Farm Grass fed beef, pork, ham
  • Gray Dog’s Farm Pastured chicken, beef, goat, and lamb, eggs
  • Keldaby Farm/Moonshine Design Angora goat herdproducing mohair value-added woven dyed, knitted, etc.
  • The Kitchen Garden All types of fresh vegetables, including specialty varieties, eggs, and some prepared foods.
  • Queen’s Greens Salad greens, kale, chard, spinach.
  • Sunrise Farms Maple Syrup & rhubarb, fire wood, pumpkins, gift baskets, small tree sapplings, maple candy, cream
    Warm Colors Apiary Honey products & beeswax candles, moisturizers, lip balm & salad dressings with honey
  • Hosta Hill Provisions Cheese, Several verieties of tempeh and vegetable ferments.

CRAFTERS/ARTISANS (Most of whom come occassionally throughout the season) & PRODUCTS

  • Dr. Cookie Gourmet cookies; bars & squares made with butter & high quality chocolate; quick breads; coffee cakes; dessert sauces & chutneys
  • El Jardin Bakery Sourdough Breads, Tea Breads (banana, brioche, biscotti) all organic ingredients.
  • Cozy Home Cookies (and More!) Homemade dog and cat cookies made from local ingredients, fleece cat mats, dog bone shaped pillows, and toys designed and made by Nancy.
  • Hattaporn’s Kitchen Assorted Thai foods
  • Art Bug Matted prints of watercolor illustrations, greeting cards, printed t-shirts, colorful, fun, animal and farm themed art.
  • Weyakin Designs Handmade art & gifts, art prints and products, jewelry, costume accessories, herbal leaf packs, small gifts, and t-shirts.
  • Rainbow Kids Tie dyed clothing and accessories for all. rainbowkidstiedye.etsy.
  • Lou’s Upcycles Upcycled artisan accessories created from plastic bags.
  • Little Birch Farm All natural soaps, body products, pet products, and birch handcrafts, eggs
  • Mothers, Inc. Dill, bread, butter, pickles, honey, roasted peanut butter, local juices, and a maple sap beverage.
  • Conway Tool & Forge Hand-wrought iron including: trellises, arbors, plant holders, bbq tools, cat-tails, hooks, etc.
  • Western Woods Coffee Coffee and coffee drinks

5 thoughts on “do you buy local? i do

    1. I just had to share – we are so blessed AND they are talking about growing enough to feed Greenfield in the future – just brilliant!


  1. yay thank you for this! I’m a citrus farmer in California and farmers market and local goods is a huge plus for us!!! Most of it is organic, and you get to cut out the middle man and support your locals as well. There’s nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables picked that day and eaten that night 🙂


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