New COINTELPRO is same old targeting of American Indians and environmental groups

By Brenda Norrell

Anonymous hacked the files of Stratfor global security firm, revealing that a photo of the 1973 Occupation of Wounded Knee was a focus of US spies in November.

The photo and Indian movements were on a website of the Deep Green Resistance, which US spies focused on, as they targeted the Occupy Austin movement and the Indigenous role in the Occupy, and DeOccupy, movements. The private Stratfor worked together with Texas DPS to infiltrate the groups. The results, as the emails reveal, were false reports. As usual with US spy files, the hacked e-mails of the security firm reveal a distortion of facts, misinformation, unreliable informants, confusion, and self-serving exaggeration that keeps funds flowing to security firms and intelligence operations. The e-mail, released in what Anonymous called a “teaser” of more to come, is signed by the Watch Officer for Stratfor and states:

Early on in the Occupy movement, they got the group to support somedocument called, “Indigenous Struggle Solidarity Statement” callingAustin an occupied territory. It includes a picture of armed nativeAmericans.Posted by Brenda Norrell– January 28, 2012 at 1:56 am

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