On the adoptee Voice.

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Daniel Drennan ElAwar

The following was delivered as a conference paper at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference in Montreal in 2010. The panel was entitled The Adoption Memoir, and was chaired by Lindsay Davies of New York University.

How shall we interpret the adoptee Voice? Today, a simple recounting of the adoptee experience no longer suffices. To understand is that the dominant discourse promotes adoption not for the nominal reasons having to do with family creation or care of children, but because it fits into an economic and political agenda. As such, the purveyors of this discourse are well able to stifle debate, co-opt dissent, and render transient and meaningless stories or narratives that can easily be categorized outside of the mainstream, and thus marginalized.

It can further be stated that the publishing of such works for an audience coddled by this discourse elevates said writing to an esoteric mediated realm…

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