Think adoption isn’t baby selling?

Think hard about trafficking in babies when you read this!


(for C., who nagged me to blog more. Thank you!)

No, really. Ms. O’Dwyer, of Mamalita fame, didn’t want to adopt. She was drafted!

*This editorial is…well, it’s terrible. It’s terrible because it’s a self-portrait of someone who had apparently been trying to come to terms with hard facts: that she knowingly did something wrong and that doing that wrong thing has made her happy. Adoption needs that kind of self-examination very badly. Unfortunately, it seems Ms. O’Dwyer has decided the cognitive dissonance is too much, and that she must perforce be innocent.

Adoption is riddled with this crap. We need less of it and we damned sure need fewer people encouraging others to do it. Adoption needs more wide open eyes, not more willful blindness like this:

My adoption is OK because the mother was unmarried.
My adoption is OK because my child is an “orphan.”
My adoption…

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