Big Change coming to my Lara Blog

I have decided January 1 to devote my time and energy to expose human trafficking, adoption and modern day slavery. I will be an abolitionist. I have been a journalist for 17 years and it’s time to work on this. My work includes adoption activism on my other blog American Indian Adoptees.

As Edmund Burke said two centuries ago, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women) do nothing.

This blog will change to reflect my new work. The name will stay the same. You can unsubscribe if this topic doesn’t interest you. That’s OK but I do hope you’ll stay and read and help.

If you are interested, read NOT FOR SALE: The Return of the Globe Slave Trade – and How We Can Fight it. Go to: to join the cause.

Also more here:

We can unite to stop this great moral human tragedy. It must be exposed. Human trafficking generates $1 Billion annually and enslaves 27 million people around the globe. My work as an adoption activist is entwined in this because children are part of the millions who are enslaved. Some are sold. Some are even adopted by pedophiles.

There are times to read history and there are times to make history. – David Batstone

This is one of those times. Join me.

In Peace and In Solidarity, Lara/Trace A. DeMeyer

Email me: if you wish to help and contribute to this blog.


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