The Real Criminals: Adoption Mafia

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Friday, November 30th, 2012
Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects and Some of the Many Re-Connections”
Author and Award-Winning Native Journalist Trace A. DeMeyer (Shawnee/Cherokee) and Her Second Book (Co-Edited with Patricia Cotter-Busbee)
From the preface of “Two Worlds:  Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects”
“It’s a big world.  With the invention of miraculous worldwide web, connecting is fast and free.  Humans can interact at the touch of a key.  Because of the internet, it connects me to a new people every day, new friends who are also adopted.
In this big world, where do adoptees go to find information?  How do we reconnect with our tribes after adoption?  How do we learn about culture?  Do we find adoptees to get advice?  Do we devour and search books, newspapers, or the web for clues?  Or do we hear someone, an ancient voice, a soul who lives with us, inside us, who guides us, even inspire us, after adoption.
Reading this book, you’ll know the answers.
In their words, adoptees were destined to live in two worlds, and each has a spirit uniquely their own.  We adoptees are like birds who migrate by memory and feed our hunger for culture by instinct and blood memory.  Our spirit was not killed by adoption, even if we lived far away from our families and our tribal lands.  We knew to be brave.  We hoped away loneliness.  We felt this was a test.  We knew it is not good to be isolated and went to look for other Indian people and relatives when we could.  Even as children we were aware we’d need to find answers to find our relatives.  More than one adoptee told me they heard the drum pounding inside them and calling them.”

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