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English: Bing Crosby’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post By  J. Glenn Evans

For an adventure in reading I highly recommend that you get acquainted with Vance Trimble.  Google Vance H. Trimble: Books, Biography, Blog …
What does a Pulitzer Prize winning author do at the age of 99 to top off an incredible career? Does he sit back and bask in the laurels coming his way?
Vance Trimble is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and former senior news editor of the Scripps-Howard bureau in Washington DC.  He worked 47 years as newspaper reporter or editor in Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, and Washington DC.  In 1960 he won the Pulitzer Prize (plus two others) for national reporting for his exposé of Congressional nepotism and payroll abuse.
He has authored 13 hardcover books, including biographies of Sam Walton, FedEx‘s Fred Smith, baseball commissioner “Happy” Chandler, and the publisher, E.W. Scripps.

In 2011 he began converting many of his books to Kindle and Nook.
I first met Vance Trimble, now a dear personal friend, some years ago when I visited my hometown, Wewoka, Oklahoma for a high school reunion and was immediately impressed with his integrity, intelligence and broad scope of interests.  He once delivered the same local paper, the Wewoka Times that I did as a youth, though some years earlier.

Now at age 99, he has come out with two new fiction books, Will Rogers and His Daredevil Movie and To Kidnap Bing Crosby‘s Bride, as trade editions and now available on the Kindle.
With the major publishers in the hands of conglomerates and our once free press now corporate media whose main concern is the bottom line.  Their main attention goes to celebrities, politicians, perverts and crooks.  Poor fare for readers and little exposure for many good authors so it takes an alternate press and people to people networking to get the word out on good stuff from the small presses and independent authors.
If we want a wise and educated world of people around us, it behooves us as individuals to become aware of good writers and quality small presses.  By networking we can spread the word and help make people aware of what is really going on in the world.  If you like what you see please join the network and forward this on to your contacts.

Vance Trimble’s new soft cover print editions available on

To Kidnap Bing Crosby’s Bride (279 pp.) Texas beauty Kathryn Grandstaff went to Paramount as a starlet and caught Bing Crosby’s amorous quick eye. She was 20, he 51. With wife Dixie Lee dead two years, Bing nailed Grace Kelly and other co-stars, but looked for more young conquests. He set a date to marry Kathryn. That triggered kidnap plotting by Houston’s underworld, which would strike when Kathryn came to show homefolks her big catch. But Bing dwadled two years, jilting Kathryn four times! That killed Houston kidnap schemes. But two dangerous felons prowled Hollywood streets to snatch the starlet Bing had finally married (with a $6 ring). They were trying to grab and chain her—now pregnant–in a filthy slum bathroom and ask $100,000 ransom. The book is built around the intimate details of the Bing-Kathryn love story, and the explosion of the one real kidnap attempt—those parts all brutally true. $14.95

Will Rogers and His Daredevil Movie  (273 pp.) From the flimsy wing of a World War Jenny biplane, Will Rogers is supposed to lasso Mary Pickford on the top of a small town water tower to rescue her from kidnappers who are about to throw her off. It happens in Oklahoma in 1922. This is the try-out for a silent movie stunt that meets rampant disaster. On hand also are Mary’s husband Douglas Fairbanks, W.C. Fields, one-eyed Wiley Post, daredevil aviator. Everything goes hay-wire. Dangerous . . . and sometimes a nail-biter! Find out later about the five-dollar lawyer, and his dust devil Cupid. Stage center are a pretty Indian redhead and her 40 acres of baby sweet potatoes. A fresh, comedic celebrity tale.  $14.95

Vance Trimble’s E-Books available on Kindle and Nook:

How & Why Sam Walton Invented Wal-Mart  $4.99

Choctaw Kisses, Bullets & Blood, War and Romance on Oklahoma’s Wild Indian Frontier $4.99

Inventing FedEx: The Cruel Ordeal, Outrageous and Courageous Fred Smith  $4.99

True Detective Mysteries $2.99

Will Rogers and His Daredevil Movie  $3.99

To Kidnap Bing Crosby’s Bride  $3.99

Poetry With My Love (Vance Trimble, ed.) $2.99

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