WEALTH IN THE USA (Photo credit: er00mb0b)


by J. Glenn Evans

Look, folks, I’m happy that you are comfortable and do not have to worry about your daily bread about which so many millions of our fellow humans must be concerned.  I do not envy your wealth and don’t want to take it for myself.  But when you use your wealth to take control of our government of the people and for the people, when you control the airwaves to dumb down our people, monopolize the banks and our industrial operations, lock up our prisoners in privatized institutions for profit, pollute our environment, ignore global warming that may destroy all life, create wars to enhance your wealth and destroy our youth, take away the social network for the poor and keep them ignorant by allowing our educational institutions to atrophy, then you step on all our toes and the world cries out for an equalization tax.

Unless you rein in the greeds among you who are creating so much havoc, tying up all the vital resources and enslaving the people of the world, corrupting our governments and institutions to enhance their wealth even further, then it’s time that we the people of the world take action and create an equalization tax that takes into common ownership all wealth that exceeds $10 million per any single individual and $100 million under the control of any single institution. The resources of this planet are here for the benefit of all life, not only for a few greedy grabbers.  Why should one person be allowed accumulate enough for a thousand lifetimes while thousands of their fellow citizens go hungry and unsheltered.

So fess up, back down or face the ultimate consequences.  Unfortunately, those in control often see no need for change until they are in sight of the guillotine and then it is too late.  No one wants to see another French Revolution, where a lot of innocent people on all sides suffer.  Those who hold the reins of power will, unfortunately, kill a lot of people by use of their technology, police and armies, but the jig will be up for them when the police and soldiers in the army realize that they have taken an oath to defend our Constitution and they are part of the 99% and not the 1%.  It is time for a re-examination of our institutions and make the necessary changes to bring about social and economic justice for all.  Every single adult of sound mind must be given an unhampered vote and anyone or group who tampers with this right must be brought to justice.

Copyleft 2012 J. Glenn Evans  (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)


2 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER TO THE 1%

    1. You are so welcome J Glenn; I love your writing and will blog whenever you write a column! Your friend always…Trace/Lara


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