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Filmmaker behind Ipperwash crowdfunding campaign seeking major sponsors to put Sam George behind-the-scenes documentary across finish line

July 9, 2012

London, Ontario – A filmmaker from Woodstock, Ontario who has spent almost a decade of her life making a documentary on Sam George…

Monica and Sam


“Sam would have wanted people to better understand the reasons why Ipperwash happened and what he went through. He’d be proud of this film.”

– Veronica George, wife of the late Maynard “Sam” George

“Even though they aren’t here anymore, this is another way to remember and learn from Dad and Uncle Dudley so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated again.”

– Tammy George-Jackson, Sam’s daughter


Up until the moment Sam George passed away from cancer in 2009, he pushed for the Ipperwash recommendations to be implemented. The 100 recommendations were written by the Honourable Sidney B. Linden, and they were released following a 22-month Inquiry into the shooting death of Sam’s brother at Ipperwash Park. Sam truly believed the recommendations could help prevent violence in situations similar to the one in which his brother was killed.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says, “…We apologize for the events that led to the loss of life. We deeply regret the death of Dudley George. This report and the implementation of its recommendations will serve as a testament to his memory.” (Premier Dalton McGuinty, May 31, 2007)

All 100 recommendations have now been posted in an easy-to-read format. They’re even grouped according to responsibility – Provincial Government, Federal Government, Ontario Provincial Police, First Nations and Municipal Government.

Visit to read them now!

When a fatal police shooting occurs at Ipperwash, Sam George vows to make sure nobody else loses a family member in a fight over land.

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