who is on your nightstand?

Cover of "Blackfly Season"
Cover of Blackfly Season

Here’s a list of authors I love:

Matthew Fox – is an American priest (rev. and doctor) who has written 30 books that have sold millions of copies and by the mid 1990s had attracted a “huge and diverse following.” I’ll read anything he’s authored. (Cardinal Ratzinger issued an order forbidding Fox to teach or lecture for a year in the 1980s) – yup he’s controversial! My favorite is The Reinvention of Work. Watching for Matthew Fox’s newest book, coming in October 2012 – Hildegard of Bingen – A Saint for Our Times: Herald of the Divine Feminine, Green Prophet, Church Reformer.

Barbara Kingsolver – is an American novelist, essayist and poet. I love her early work Bean Trees. I prefer all her novels with Native American characters, of course!

Giles Blunt – is a Canadian novelist and screenwriter born in Windsor, Ontario. He is also the author of the John Cardinal novels, set in the small town of Algonquin Bay, in Northern Ontario. Blunt grew up in North Bay, and Algonquin Bay is North Bay very thinly disguised — for example, Blunt retains the names of major streets and the two lakes (Trout Lake and Lake Nipissing) that the town sits between, the physical layout of the two places is the same, and he describes Algonquin Bay as being in the same geographical location as North Bay. I have one to read now, Blackfly Season.  John Cardinal Mystery Series: Crime Machine, By the Time You Read This (The Fields of Grief in the UK), Black Fly Season, The Delicate Storm, Forty Words for Sorrow (my favorite so far). Yep, there are Native Americans in his novels.

John Christian Hopkins – is a Narragansett Indian from Rhode Island and the author of 4 novels, such as LOKI: God of Mischief (Twilight of the Gods) and a poetry chapbook Rhyme or Reason: Narragansett Poetry. (disclaimer: I am his publisher now) [www.bluehandbooks.org]


Malcolm Gladwell

Jon Ronson

Vine Deloria

MariJo Moore


I have a pile of books by my chair and bed to read now (lots of variety, yes). Please leave a comment on your favorite author and who is on your nightstand right now! Who are you reading this summer?

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