Depp as Tonto – The White Man’s Indian?

Johnny Depp as Tonto: I’m still not feeling “honored”


I guess we can put all the talk about Johnny Depp “honoring” Native people to rest now. Cause it’s been over a month since those first horrendous publicity pics of Depp-as-Tonto surfaced, and more information has been trickling out about Depp’s “inspiration” for his lovely costume. I think we’ll now see just how careful, respectful and honoring Mr. Depp was with his “research” for his role.

(click on headline for the link to Adrienne’s blog)

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Academic Article on Hollywood Stereotypes: The White Man’s Indian: Stereotypes in Films and Beyond

Tonto was played by Jay Silverheels and was reportedly playing a Comanche, not Apache – who knew? Just more of Hollywood’s sterotypes and illusions… Lara


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