people’s congress (conference call today) #OWS

Sent from my friend J Glenn:

Things are heating up. Really heating up!
Unless Americans get control of their government, I don’t see any thing that will prevent the planet from getting even hotter, and that’s just not acceptable. NATO and the G8 are searing concerns as well. There is a simmering hot bucket list of complaints that must be dealt with, and soon. From fundamental banking reform to the issue of political prisoners at home, there is no excuse for being divided. We all must come together to express as one people our determination for a truly participatory democracy. Congress really needs to feel the heat this summer, and there’s no better way to make them nervous than by convening our own People’s Congress right in their own front yard. This is not a drill!

If you have not yet done so, please, endorse the People’s Congress today! Find them on Facebook!

We’ve been working hard to get the message out about the People’s Congress this past year and Americans are gearing up for what may be the culminating event of the summer, the People’s Congress Inaugural General Assembly. It’s time Americans had a government they could proudly call their own, and we intend to start the process of altering our government to those ends when we convene this summer. If Congress cannot work for the people, we as citizens need to take back the authority we gave Congress to represent us! It’s time to call Congress out! Until we firmly declare that we have had enough, the Congress will simply ignore our demands and the mounting greenhouse gases threatening the biosphere. It’s not a risk we can afford to take.

The people of Iceland are writing their own new constitution on-line right now. South Africans established the African National Congress in 1912, in response to a call from Pixley ka Isaka Seme. He said, “We are one people. These divisions, these jealousies, are the cause of all our woes today.” We know what happened as a result. In 1985, New Zealand began a process of changing their First Past the Post (FPTP), Winner Take All, Most Voters Lose, two-party system (documented here). Egypt,Turkey and New Zealand all offer additional examples of direct democracy at work in ways which are utterly inconceivable to most Americans today. Let’s remember what Venezuelan’s did as well! The People of Ireland are stepping up to the plate, so what is preventing Americans from having a truly participatory democracy? Do Americans have the right to a government which actually represents them, which represents the majority opinion on most issues? If so, why are we waiting?

Join us this Friday evening, March 30, as we explore the ways in which Americans can regain control of their own government. The answers may surprise you! We invite all of you to listen in on a conversation about sovereignty, the right of people to govern themselves, and how the People’s Congress is planning to make that happen. The founding fathers had some brilliant ideas. Is it time to put them to good use? Find out this Friday!

The People’s Congress First National Conference Call
March 30, 2012, 5PM PT, 8PM Eastern
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7000
Access Code: 103415#


John Mulkins
Founder, Peoples Congress.Org
A Fiscal Project of The Alliance for Global Justice


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