a warm wind

A warm wind blows

Across the prairies

Up the mountains

Through the valleys

Among the towers

The farther it goes

The warmer it gets

Until it ignites a spark

That builds an eternal flame

In the hearts of those who cherish

Political justice

Economic justice

Criminal justice

For all peoples

Of this land and the world

We’re the Justice Party

We’re running Rocky Anderson

For president and in the next election

We’ll run senators representatives

In states counties and cities

The naysayers say

You won’t hurt our

Democrats and Republicans

We’re the 1% we’ll outspend you

With our corporate and banker money

But they gave us Homeland Security

They gave us the Patriot Act

They gave us the NDAA

They trashed our Constitution

Yeah, we remember all that

We are the 99%

We cherish our Constitution

We cherish our liberties

We cherish our freedoms

We cherish justice for all

By J. Glenn Evans  Copyleft 2012 (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

Background information on the new Justice Party:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/


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