28 December 2011
By J. Glenn Evans

Our Constitution formed this government that has since developed rabies. Every Congressional Representative, every Senator, every President, every member of the Supreme Court, every government bureaucrat and every soldier when they take office, swear an allegiance that they will defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
We, the sovereign citizens of this nation, have witnessed numerous acts of treason against our nation by public servants who have betrayed their oath of office to defend the Constitution. If I as a member of a group of individuals vote to go rob a bank or to blow up a government building, wouldn’t that make me a criminal or a terrorist? Many members of the legislative branch of government have voted to approve the Homeland Securities Act, the Patriots Act and now the NDAA that authorizes the president through the military to incarcerate indefinitely or even take out American citizens without benefit of a trial to ascertain their guilt or innocence of being a terrorist. Such acts as these trash our Constitution. Therefore, those who voted their approval of this legislation have betrayed their oath of office to defend the Constitution. How about the President who does not veto such acts, doesn’t he also betrays his oath to protect the Constitution? How about members of the Supreme Court who do not declare such laws unconstitutional? All these betrayals of trust are a form of treason against the Constitution and the people of this nation.
In such circumstances, it becomes the duty of all true patriots to take a stand. If the citizens of this country who do not wish to live under a fascist dictatorship, then they must develop the determination and fortitude that our founding fathers had when they rid themselves of a previous tyrant. It has become obvious that if we cherish the freedoms that our Constitution grants us, we need a regime change. This means that we, the true patriots, must stand together and remove members of this regime who have betrayed their sacred oath to defend our Constitution and thus regain control of our government for the people. Both major political parties are complicit in these crimes and can no longer be trusted.
Unless we want a dictatorship and an eventual bloody revolution, our best strategy is to unite and organize a people’s party that has not already been compromised by those who have brought us to this state of affairs. We need a party that truly stands for the people and what we believe in and that will defend the Constitution. One that will rescind or amend these laws that trash our Constitution. We do not want more pretty talk and unfulfilled promises but we want people who say what they will do and do what they say. We want an organization that stands for true justice for all: politically, economically and socially. We want a government that will refrain from predatory wars of aggression against peoples of other nations, that will abide by international law, cooperate and make peace with other nations rather then try to rule and corrupt their governments to do the bidding of mega international banks and corporations.
We must study the backgrounds of potential party principals, what they have done and accomplished. From the evidence that I have seen in his background, I believe Rocky Anderson, twice mayor of Salt Lake City with his newly formed Justice party is our best shot. Enough of this acceptance of the lesser of two evils because that’s what the two national party bosses put before us to vote on. They feast on our fear that that is the only choice we have. We must bring forth and support good candidates to run for elected offices and give them the support to make the changes that are desperately needed in our system. We may not achieve immediate success, but we must not back down, but fight on until we are successful. We must see the passage of an amendment to remove personhood from corporations. We must take private money out of our election system and protect the right of all citizens to vote. Everyone of legal age who lives here has a right to vote. We must not allow the two major parties to co-opt our agenda by throwing out a few crumbs to destroy our organization and then back to their old methods when they no longer feel threatened.
We desperately need a new People’s Party. Numerous essays have been written on this subject and people have been talking about it. Rocky Anderson has chosen to act on this idea. Action time is here and now. I believe this new Justice Party launched by Rocky Anderson may fill the bill. We cannot put Rocky Anderson or anyone else on the white charger and expect him to save us. We must save ourselves by uniting into one party the Democrats and Republicans who have become disenchanted with the policies of their parties, the workers, women, Hispanics, Blacks, Indians, Asians, gays and all other groups who have been marginalized by the ruling elites. We do not want to end up like the German people who had to answer to the world for what the Nazis did when the rest of the world joined forces and brought them down, the fate we will surely face if we the citizens do not act.

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An important link on repealing the corporate personhood.
Rick Staggenborg

Check out the People’s Congress dedicated to uniting all the various groups of citizens and organizations to help save our democracy.
John Mulkins

Copyleft 2011 J. Glenn Evans
(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans
Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of two novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, an essay book, Uncommon Common Sense, is a former stockbroker-investment banker. Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma. Evans has lived in Seattle since 1960. Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller, co-staring Slim Pickens. Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels has written numerous political essays and is the author several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and has been published many literary Journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

J. Glenn is a friend and mentor and I so appreciate his guest blog and I no longer belong to the Democratic Party…Lara


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