Troy Davis – we are all Troy Davis

Activists for a Better World in Seattle WA
23 September 2011
J. Glenn Evans
September 21, 2011 was a sad day in America and for the world. The leaders of the state of Georgia, the US Supreme Court and the President of the United States all had the power to declare a stay of execution until a determination of the guilt or innocence of Troy Davis could be made. Much evidence existed that this man was innocent when seven of the witnesses recanted their previous testimony against him, stating that they had been under police duress. It is a sad state of affairs when government leaders fail to act to save the life of a person where there was reasonable doubt of his guilt, even when thousands of people all over the world including many prominent former government officials pleaded for his life. Such leaders by their failure to act in prevention of a state murder forfeit their worthiness to serve in a responsible position in a free country. The citizens at the next election should replace them and that includes those with the power of impeachment of the Supreme Court for their failure to act in the prevention of this state criminal act. Let us not forget Troy Davis and let him be buried and forgotten. Remember him on Election Day and each September 21st when our nations honor was tarnished.
J. Glenn Evans
Copyleft 2011 J. Glenn Evans

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