From my friend Russ “my personal excommunication”

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Catholic Registry in regards to the Vatican, August 17, 2011

From: “Indian”

TO:  Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Other Bishops, Priest and Deacons,

I am writing to you today in a matter that has been dear to my heart and has brought much pain and undue suffering. I’d like to talk to you about how this effects the Roman Catholic Church. Let me start with saying I am a descendant of genocide, a planned and calculated genocide that not only murdered innocent people, but it raped and enslaved our women. It was allowed to even be carried over to the children in the rape, torture, cruelty and medical experiments done to native children that were stolen from their families. The Native Holocaust that was produced on this Continent by both a Colonizing Govt and the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican. This practice is still in effect today.

I was forced into a catholic baptism since I was not of the age to speak for my own spirit and my soul was then captured by the practices of your rituals. I have reclaimed my Soul and I no longer need your church’s protection in caring for it. You have failed humanity miserably. The Church’s projection that people must suffer to show honor to your god is absurd. That what lays beneath my feet is a perpetrated Hell, where as I know what lays beneath my feet is the womb of our Mother. Only your interpretation can make followers believe that the miracle of a child with it’s pure and innocence, is born into sin.

See, people are beginning to realize they don’t need the false interpetation the church uses to make billions in profit, to assure a connection to the Creator. When they begin to realize by majority and they are world wide, that the Creator lives in our heart and we do not need a middle man to carry the message from our Heart (home of my Creator) to my Brain (the Creators Creation) more and more of your church’s will begin to close down. The RCC I believe is about to create it’s full circle. As brutality as it landed on our lands, its is only fitting that your Church crumbles from the inside out.

Your Church has become the haven for Child Rapist and your walls have become protection for them over the centuries. It’s time to bring Ireland’s fight to our Lands and remove the filth you brought with you, when you came to colonized spiritual indigenous people. The time has come to smash your alters, cut down your trees and to take no heathen prisoners. a verse from your own bible. The Vatican is the Anti-Christ your bible warns you against.

I have chosen to walk in common sense and belief in my spirituality to the Only Creator, and not in a blind faith of propaganda. So your corporation can continue to rake in billions tax-free as you fail to help the needy who live in poverty from generation after generation. The concordats with 173 Nations around the world, will come to an end, and its long overdue.

Remove me from your registry and excommunicate me from the evil your churches have produce throughout the world. I am not liable for your actions. As I await for your demise.

Here is a copy of a Letter that I sent to the Vatican last year, that was unanswered. So I had it published in a Native Publication. Please forward this on to the Vatican with my demand of excommunication.

To the Vatican

I know there are good people in the church that have joined to either make a difference or change, and to actually preach the word of God as we have come to know him. But my common sense also tells me that any righteous, caring, good hearted person dedicated to God would not be part of a society of pedophiles and would speak out against them and bring the truth to light. Where do I find the list of names of those Catholic Priests?

I do respect every ones right to religion and their opinions. I would never attack anyone for voicing their views. This angers me to the core of my being. How many more generations and decades of raping children are we going to allow before we realize this is the path that must be taken to bring them to their knees. Talking to them doesn’t work. Bringing documentation to them doesn’t work. Their secret trials and meetings don’t work. To only have Judicial Justice on a Rapist after the church defrocks them doesn’t work.

Many people today still are not aware of the centuries of documented abuse the church has generated. They hear stories in the news and think ‘OH, another bad priest, I’m glad they caught him.’ They don’t understand that if the Vatican provokes its’ power to protect him, he will answer to no Justice system. He is above the law to continue raping more children.

What was done to the bloodline of my ancestry in the Residential Schools should have been brought to justice and dealt with at the time, the lesson learned so that it was not repeated. If it had been, we would not still be hearing about the rapes that continue today. When does it end? What are we doing wrong? Whatever those answers are, it is clear we can’t continue doing what we are doing to date. It’s not enough, and likely the next world current event will place this issue once again on the back shelve and they will be allowed to continue raping children.

We of all faiths should be working together in ensuring this practice is stopped and those responsible are brought to justice. There is no good in any religion that chooses to look the other way and not deal with this epidemic that continues to grow. Why is so hard for a church or religion to agree this is an atrocity and end the terror that the Catholic Religion has allowed to continue through lies and cover-ups. There is no honor to any religion’s god when this is allowed to happen. The people who still give to this religion and fill their pews are enabling perpetrators to continue.

I’m not sure what it will take to end this violence against innocence but I am sure that when society stops giving your churches their money, you won’t be able to defend the charges placed against your employees.

Reach out and help those in need as you honor the Creator by your actions.

It is time for Natives to return to their ancestry practice of spirituality so we may raise above the lies and deception of religions that allow these animals to abuse the children of any society.


Russ Letica,  Madawaska Maliseet First Nation



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