shine your light…

Never touch in anger. Only touch in Love. Never speak in anger, but speak in Love…
You will NOT put more light into the world by being Mother Teresa than that one who works in the factory simply moving parts. It is the integrity in which you do, whatever it is you’re doing, that puts the light into the world… You affect the world in such a positive way. You have no idea. Each time that you think a kind thought. Each time you pray. Each time you look lovingly or think lovingly about anything or anyone, you cannot imagine the energy that it puts out into the entire world. Concentrate on that dear children. The things that cause you pain are to help you change. Do not use your energy to be perfect in body, but use your energy to find the perfection of who you truly are.” – The Divine Feminine Energy

[Over 9 years ago, Mary Hunt heard the words in her mind, “You are worth more than Diamonds and Rubies to the Universe”. That was the start of Divine Feminine Energy speaking to and through her]


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